How Emotionally Stable Mind Benefits Students Intelligence

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The present schools are progressively multicultural and multilingual with students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Samsidh has students hailing from different parts of the country with different cultural and language backgrounds.  

How Emotionally Stable Mind Benefits Students IntelligenceThus the primary aim of Samsidh and its dedicated staff is to motivate students for engaging in learning, behaving positively, and performing academically. In our education system, we apply the concept of Social and emotional learning (SEL) that gives safe and positive learning, and upgrades our students’ capacity to prevail in school, professions, and life.

5 Keys to Successful SEL

Research demonstrates that SEL not just improves achievement by an average of 11 percentile points, yet it also enhances prosocial behaviors such as kindness, sharing, and empathy that improves student attitudes toward school, and reduces depression and stress among students.

Effective social and emotional programs adopted in Samsidh includes facilitated classroom and top notch and innovative technological learning support which help our students to develop the following skills:


 Self-awareness includes understanding one’s very own feelings, individual objectives, and qualities. Samsidh helps our students to be self aware through our education system followed. With that, our students are able to precisely evaluating one’s qualities and constraints, having uplifting attitudes, and having a well-grounded feeling of self-adequacy and hopefulness. High levels of self-awareness requires the capacity to perceive how thoughts, feelings, and activities are interconnected.


We also equip our students with self management skills in both their academic studies and extracurricular activities conducted at school. Self-management requires aptitudes and frames of mind that encourage the capacity to direct one’s own feelings and practices. This incorporates the capacity to defer delight, oversee pressure, control impulses, and persevere through challenges  so as to accomplish individual and educational objectives for our students.

Social Awareness

Through our educational system and SEL learning, we focus on creating social awareness for our students with programs like field trips to different locations. Social awareness includes the capacity to comprehend, sympathize, feel empathy and compassion for those with different backgrounds or culture.  It also includes understanding social standards for conduct and perceiving family, school, and community supports.

Relationship Skills

We at Samsidh, give focus on developing their relationship skills both at school and at home with family members, friends, teachers, relatives, etc. Relationship skills help students to set up and keep up sound and rewarding relationships, and to act as per social standards. These abilities include communicating clearly, listening actively, cooperating, resisting inappropriate social pressure, negotiating conflict constructively and looking for assistance when it is required.

Responsible Decision Making

At Samsidh, we aim to develop 21st century change makers and leaders with our exclusive and extensive academic curriculum and other programs conducted at school. We believe that every child is a changemaker and leader who have the responsible decision making skills. Through Responsible Decision Making, we teach them how to figure out and settle on helpful decisions about close to home conduct and social connections crosswise over assorted settings. It requires the capacity to think about ethical standards, safety concerns, accurate behavioral norms for risky behaviors, the health and well-being of self and others and to make sensible assessment of different activities’ results.

The Short-and Long-Term Benefits of SEL

Students are increasingly effective in school and their day to day life when they:

  •  Know and can oversee themselves
  • Comprehend the points of view of others and relate with them
  • Settle on good decisions about personal and social matters.

Social and Emotional Learning programs at Samsidh  promote the overall child development and benefit them in the following ways:

  •  Increase positive attitude towards oneself and to others that enhances self-efficacy, confidence, persistence, empathy, connection and commitment to school, and a sense of purpose.
  •  More social behavior and a good relationship with other children and adults.
  • Less emotional stress
  • Improved test scores, academic performance and attendance.

In the long run, more prominent social and emotional competence can improve the probability of secondary school graduation, readiness for post secondary education, career achievement, positive family and work relationships, better psychological wellness, diminished criminal conduct, and engaged citizenship.

At samsidh, we stand for preparing children for life by developing children with higher social and emotional competence.