Samsidh St. Joseph Public School, Anantapur

Residential Campus with International Teaching Methodology

It is just over a few years now, when some eminent personalities had gathered together for a discussion with a purpose which soon caught up the idea to use their resources to form an organization which cater to the growing needs of the public in the Educational field. Feverish consultations took place on the following few days. Other meaningful friends were roped in to accepting the idea and Trust was Established.

As per the registered deed the objectives of the Trust are:

  • To introduce any possible improvement in the system of education in its institutions from time to time.
  • To undertake and carry out any step calculated to promote the cause of education.
  • To promote educational, cultural and welfare activities and to acquire property and buildings for promotion of the objectives stated above.


To realize the dream of placing INDIA on top and makeMother India an inspiration to the entire world by imparting the value based education to all the sections of the society in the rural and back ward area.


  • To make teachers in thousand to educate peoplein lakhsin this rural and backward areas.
  • To enlighten illetrate parents thereby eradicating child labor and avoiding school dropouts.
  • To impart technical Education and motivate all sections of people and driving society towards industrial developments
  • To spread the awareness of good healthin surrounding rural area thereby creating healthy atmosphere physically and mentally.
  • To bring professionalism in teachers education to improve the teaching standards in the surrounding areas.
  • To develop creativity among teachers inorder to nurtur creativity in the comming generations

Message from Head Of Institution

Anantapura School Principle
Ms. Srivani G

Principal, Samsidh St. Joseph Public School, Anantapur

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think….

Children are the blooming buds of a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. Samsidh’s vision itself says “Preparing Children for Life”. So, we at Samsidh, are continuously working in this direction by providing value-based education and laying the platform for character development.

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Facilities at Samsidh St. Joseph Public School

The 21st-century world requires individuals to possess multi-disciplinary skills and capabilities. This necessitates the provision of diverse learning opportunities to students during all stages of their schooling. We provide our future leaders with a conducive atmosphere where the mind is fertile and seed is sown for a tree of knowledge to flourish. The following facilitate the Teaching-Learning process.

Technology Integrated Education- Preparation For Competitive Exam with LMS and Student App
English Reading and Writing Program with individual attention through enrichment app
Focus on skills for leadership development
AC and NON AC classrooms and Hostel rooms
Value integrated teaching methodology
Integrated sports curriculum

Success story of our student Samitha Shyini (grade10-hosteler, Anantapur campus) as best cadet of NCC girls 6A Battalion.

She is from Uravakonda(Nearby small town to Anantapur) as only child to her parents as both Teachers. Last year she joined our school and she got into NCC girls' battalion. Soon in 3 months, she showed exceptional performance in Rifle shooting by attending local camps and selected for Kurnool(Regional Level- armed Training).At Kurnool, also she is the best candidate being selected for Kakinada to get Training at state Level for Rifle shooting from 3rd May to 12th May 2024.

Our student *Alekhya* of Grade – 7 is selected for 600m running race, 60m running race and long jump for Nationals which is going to be held at Ahmedabad in Gujarat. She was trained by Mr. Gopi Krishna our physical Education Trainer. It was a privilege for the student to spend more hours for her practice as she is a residential child. She was given training in the early hours along with other students. Which has given opportunity to get selected for Nationals.

On behalf of Management, staff, students & parents We wish her All the very best.

Admissions Open for 2024-25


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