Academic Excellence through Enrichment.

Just like no two thumb prints are same, every child has different learning style, pace and capacity. In order to ensure that children are nurtured in every way to reach one’s potential, we have curated programs which ensure that every child develops and achieves academic excellence. This is achieved through ​

Samsidh Reading Program (SRP)


This program enables children to learn English Language as a skill. Through SRP children develop the habit of reading new texts which helps in linguistic proficiency increasing comprehension level of each child.

Samsidh Enrichment Program (Maths and Science)


This Program focusses on providing a strategical and planned progress model where students learn concept understanding at their own pace and style. The staged process enables every student to learn and progress more effectively as per their learning style.

International Standard Analysis

Both Samsidh Reading Program (SRP) and Samsidh Enrichment Program(SEP) are closely monitored and analyzed by our groups top Data Scientists. Every students academic progress is tracked with every assessment subject/Lesson/ Topic wise which are then shared with the teachers with different methods of learning strategies which help teachers to provide individual attention to every student.

Registrations Open for 2024 -25