Technology Integrated in Samsidh and its benefits

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With the increased technological advancements in the current education system, traditional teaching methods and strategies have seen a tremendous paradigm. Education system presently focuses on facilitating improved learning opportunities by integrating technology with the textbook learning methods. This will boost students capacity to intake information, productivity and academic performance.

Samsidh’s has been into integration of various technologies into our teaching methods ever since the boom has swirled up in this digital era. Our greatest achievement lies in imparting each child with easy and fruitful learning ways through technological support so that we can mold highly skilled tomorrow’s citizens.

We use the pinch of technology in every area of studies to create an advanced learning process for children with quality and international standard of education. We have fully networked educational environment enabling the gathering of any information instantly at fingertips. We have multiple learning resource center in the form of Math lab, Gen science lab, Lang lab, and SS lab.

Our computer lab is enabled with high-speed network to accommodate many kids in the lab with fast connectivity and browsing speed. Along with that our library resources are intensive to enables our hundreds of students to access the relevant information from our advanced library resources. 

All our classrooms are well equipped with advanced internet access enabling students to have a hi-tech learning system which is at par with international standards of the education system.

Here is how integrating technology in Samsidh benefits our students:

Teaching is easier than before

Gone are the days of theoretical explanations that only confined to teaching methods. As Samsidh integrates audio-visual presentations in the classroom learning, the students can easily understand how the theory of knowledge can be applied in real-time practice. We use projectors and computer presentations for better comprehension for students while teaching.

Technology aids in student’s development

That plain old notes are no more the only information-gathering tools. Every student at Samsidh enjoys the privilege of multiple technological tools and online platforms as learning tools which enable their skills development. Students are given access to learning apps and online tool with any time free access at Samsidh to enable them to explore their learning skills and enhance their academic excellence.

Technology enables anytime information access

The traditional methods of teaching forces teachers and students to spend hours together at the library to access any type of information they needed. Today, with the integration of technology at Samsidhm we are making education simpler and more effective! Our students are now able to access newspapers, online study materials, scientific articles, case students as effective online secondary resources to support their arguments on papers with more evidence.

Thanks to technology, students enjoy learning! 

Technology gives the advantage of visual learning for students. As we know, the younger generation is attracted towards social media and online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. We at Samsidh integrates the roles of online media in such a way that the learning is more enjoyable for our students. We also use screen technology and online presentations to make the classroom learning more interactive. Thereby our students take part in discussions which also improve their thinking capacities and confidence.

Thus integration of technology has contributed in the transformation of learning system at Samsidh in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to design instructional materials and open new doors of learning through an effective collaborated effort with the students using interactive learning sessions. 

Samsidh makes the entire learning process a fun-filled activity through visual and audio presentations and making every child involved equally as teachers in the learning process. After all, our motive is to equip our students with a vast ocean of information and technological aids to excel in their academics and be successful in their lives!

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