Samsidh Character Development and Leadership Program

With the rapid changes happening in the world, it is hard to guess the kind of work that will sprout in 21st Century. Thus the purpose of Samsidh Group is not to churn out factory models of graduates but those who need specific training not only to be work-ready but also to be healthy, humane, happy and ethical and who can think critically and creatively, have leadership and communication skills,  have empathy and compassion, have the ability to solve any problems, in short, the Social and Emotional Skills.

In order to help the children attain the 21st Century Skills, Samsidh Character Development and Leadership Programme has been adopted as one of the key programs in students learning life at Samsidh.

Various scientific researches shows that the key 21st century skills are the ability to learn new things and 5 C’s which re Compassion, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical thinking. Our Programs SRP and SEP covers the key learning aspects of academic excellence. But, the other key models in the 5 C’s are integrated into the curriculum through our character development model which makes children learn

Children Learn ‘Compassion’ and ‘Humility’ as Skills and ‘Happiness’ as Science

Learning Compassion as a skill enables students to develop compassion towards self, others and nature thus resulting in improving their academic performance.

Study Says that Empathetic Children understand and comprehend better which helps them to answer well and get good grades.

Samsidh Character Development and Leadership Program makes children to Learn Empathy which results in their Academic Excellence.

Samsidh Character Development and leadership Program Equips children to develop Compassion and Humility as a Skill which will help them to succeed in their Jobs.

Scientific Study says that Happy People provide solutions to problems. It Increases their Critical Thinking.

Samsidh Character Development and Leadership Program makes Children learn Happiness as Science.

Registrations Open for 2024 -25