Samsidh Change Makers Club

Health and Wellness Club

“Health is Wealth” was the motto of Health & Wellness Club. Students of this club enthusiastically worked on promoting physical and mental well-being among the school communities. Students demonstrated Loving Kindness Meditation and various mindful health practices to their Parents on multiple occasions. Students also demonstrated and taught Yoga Asanas to their family members, for their good health. Healthy eating practices were followed through-out the year including the use of Jaggery over Sugar, eating fruits and vegetables every day, use of natural food over processed food, celebrations without Chocolates, minimizing outside food intake etc.


Information Technology Club

“Understand your e-waste, regular trash is not the right place.” As the pace of Technology is increasing, the amount of toxic electronic waste is piling up everywhere. Knowing the environmental and health hazards of e-waste, Changemakers of Technology Club spread awareness about the need of right management of e-waste, among the school community. As a result of their continuous endeavour to organize proper disposal of e-waste, Technology Club established a Community Collection Centre of e-waste in school. Our students collected and segregated e-waste by type and material and sent 255 Kgs of e-waste to Saahas Zero Waste NGO for recycling.


Green Economy Club

“In nature’s economy the currency is not money, it is LIFE. We all must move from a greed economy to a green economy.” Aligning with the core values of compassion towards nature, students have worked on projects like mission against the use of Single-Use Plastic, Organic Farming – Growing of Vegetables using Biofertilizers, plantation in the school campus, saving electricity and reducing the consumption of paper as the paper demand takes a toll on environment.


Social Structure Club

“Small Change practiced by many people becomes a BIG Change.” Social Structures clubs connected people and brought communities together to support the projects taken up by other clubs. The students reached out to people for creating awareness about Environment Conservation, eco-friendly commercial practices, personal and family wellness practices, importance of Reading etc. A range of methods like Debates, Street Plays, community celebrations were used to disseminate and propagate the need of change.


Reading Club

“A reader today is a leader tomorrow.” Reading prevails everywhere in Samsidh Schools, as the avid readers at present are sure to be the ardent leaders in future. Our reading club students read stacks of books of different authors and reviewed them in detail. Their reading interest culminated in writing their own stories, poems and articles. They invited authors to school and organized ‘Authors Speak’ sessions to incline and inspire school community to read and write. They conducted basic spoken English Training sessions for the support staff to upskill them.


Registrations Open for 2024 -25