Forewords by our Founder Chairman
Mr. Vasa Srinivasa Rao

The Government announced the New Education Policy 2020 which brings about several major reforms in education in India. Our vision perfectly aligns with the vision stated in the New Education Policy ( NEP). We already have strategies and well-developed methodologies to reach our short term and long term goals. We have a great team to implement these methodologies. Following are my notes on NEP:


We align with the vision of the new education policy (NEP) that it states “ to instill skills, values and commitment to human rights, sustainable development, global business well-being and conscious awareness of one’s role and responsibilities in a changing world” – with our Character Development and Leadership program which makes the children to learn Compassion ( to self, others and Mother Earth) and Humility ( Respect, Collaboration, Gratitude) as skills and Happiness ( well-being, creativity ) as Science.  Our structured program in which skills and values/behaviors are integrated with the curriculum with age-appropriate behavior manifestations. This program makes their children to learn 21st Century skills.

NEP also mentions about the Ethics which is part of our vision of creating 21st Century ethical leaders.

Use of technology:

Technology integration in Teaching, Learning & assessment – We are bang on there with Azvasa Learning Management System which are already equipped with Digital Content to support the teachers and students.

Samsidh Connect app provides a digital platform to KNC (Know your child) right from attendance to assessments. Samsidh Connect also bridges a continuous communication between the Teacher and Parent thus enabling the holistic growth of the child.

Measurable learning outcomes:

We know the importance of learning language and pro-social behaviors during the early years of 3 to 8 years. We have 6 years of experience in the execution of structured enrichment program and Character development program till IInd grade with measurable learning outcomes. We have everything in place with proven results for Attainment of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy by Grade III in Mission Mode

Book Promotion:

Yes, we believe that readers are the rulers of the world and we promote book reading through our  Avid readers program and  Reading Club.

Early childhood needs to cover Ethics, Etiquette, Self-Identity, Behavior and Emotional Development, Teamwork and Collaboration. We already have our curriculum covering all these aspects throughout the Charterer Development and Leadership Program. Also through our Live Samsidh Values program.

Curriculum and pedagogy to be transformed by 2022 to promote skill-based and minimize rote learning – It will be easy for us to adopt as we already have a program to identify the level of each child in concept understanding and strategies & resources to move them to the next level through our Enrichment program.

Competency-based education:

Our main objective of starting the schools is to build the competencies which are required for oneself to excel in work and life. All our lesson plans are integrated with Knowledge, Skills and Values.

Mental and physical health and well-being:

We have structured programs for mental health and well-being as part of our Character Development and leadership program. We have a club for Wellness.

Include contemporary subjects in schools:

Change-maker program- (with Green Economy, Wellness, Social Structures and  AI and Data science) is already two years old which includes the contemporary subjects  mentioned in the NEP

Continuous tracking of learning assessments:

We are doing this through our scorecard and now we have LMS also for tracking learning assessments. We have the resources and technology platform to track the learning outcomes and make necessary interventions

Holistic progress card:

We can provide the progress of the child in cognitive, social, emotional levels. Parent involvement: the parent connect in our Textbooks are a testimony for our parent involvement for the holistic development of the child.

Support for Gifted Students /Students with Special Talent:

This is spot on with our program of providing platforms for Sparkle children and NEP  mentions project-based clubs similar to our Change Maker Clubs  and Olympiads and competitions ( Samsidh Literary fest, Story writing )

Online and  Digital Education Emphasis on Blended learning and content creation, digital repository … We are already there with LMS and our blended lesson plans are based on the competency framework.

I liked the idea of the pairing of one government school with one private school. So we have an opportunity to spread our wings.

We at Samsidh have created an education system that contributes directly to transforming the country, providing high-quality education to all, and making India a global knowledge superpower.