Congratulations to our chairman Mr. Vasa Srinivasa Rao for featuring in the top 10 MOST PROMISING LEADERS IN EDUCATION- 2020


Leaders in Education – September 2020 – siliconindia Magazine

Vasa Srinivasa Rao,

A Visionary Creating 21st Century Leaders through Holistic Development

Let’s recount the most famous words of Mahatma Gandhi ~ “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”, which means that in order to witness a change in the world you have to put your efforts into achieving it. The beloved Founder & CEO of Samsidh Group – Vasa Srinivasa Rao – not only believes in this quote but also stands-out as the perfect manifestation of it. Vasa outclasses as a well-versed social entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in IT and transport industry. While working in various MNCs across leadership positions, he was exposed to a range of young talents and their skills. It was then he realized that the education system was merely focused on preparing students for exams with no emphasis on competency development. He believed

competency development was the most essential factor not only for professional excellence but also to lead a happy personal life.

This motivated Vasa to plunge into the field of education to create a well-structured and holistic approach to education where students can be taught skills required for the future while making them excel in academics and character development. On the whole, his main motto was to mold the children into 21st-century leaders through holistic development and instill 5C’s as part of the learning which are Compassion, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking and Collaboration. He along with a few other like-minded social entrepreneurs laid the foundation for Samsidh Group to bring-in a tectonic shift in the way education is perceived, understood and delivered in India. Prior to entrepreneurship, Vasa, a MechanicalEngineer

Siliconindia | 32 | September 2020



Leaders in Education – September 2020 – siliconindia Magazine

from Osmania University, had an experience in working in Passenger Transport and IT in various leadership positions.

Preparing Children for Life!

Under the leadership ofVasa, Samsidh Group stringently adheres to a unique approach to 21st-century education, unlike most schools that focus on academics alone with a hint of life skills. The group emphasizes on academic excellence with an integrated curriculum around 21st-century skills where it has pioneered the concept of preparing children for life. Vasa adds, “We identify the level of each child and provide the support or platforms to move to the next level at their pace along with learning compassion and humility as skills and happiness as science”.Samsidh Group offers well-developed and advanced programs such as Samsidh Reading Program to help students learn English as a skill which would help them to comprehend better, Samsidh Enrichment Program to help students develop conceptual understanding at their own pace, style, and others. 5C’s Character Development Program is Samsidh’s other well-known program to make children to learn compassion and humility as skills and happiness as science which would empower them to be creative and provide solutions to real-time problems with their critical thinking. The group also has Avid Readers and Story Telling Programs in its portfolio. On the whole, LEADERS IN EDUCATION 2020 Key Management: Vasa aspires to bring-in a tectonic shift in the way education is perceived, understood and delivered in India Samsidh ensures that students learn language as a skill from a young age through its programs while grasping the age-appropriate concepts in their own pace and style. This way, Samsidh distinguishes as a K-12 CBSE School that has etched a separate space for itself in terms of value for money.

Teachers –The Linchpins

The biggest linchpins of Samsidh Group are its core team of enthusiastic educationalists with leadership, skills, effective planning strategies, rich experiences and most importantly, the zeal and vision to deliver their best to prepare children for life.

From just 13 students in Bangalore, Samsidh Group soared high into a group of schools offering world-class education to over 7,000+ students in three South Indian states. Following the widely accepted pedagogy that integrates knowledge, skills and values, the group outshines as one of the leading schools in India with students who have delivered 100 percent results in the CBSE Board Exams right from the very first batch.

Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, the group observed no hindrances in delivering classes through its MS Pro Program by Microsoft (adapted 2017), AZVASA (LMS) for remote learning, and many other resources. Vasa articulates “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all –

Vasa aspires to bring-in a tectonic shift in the way education is perceived, understood and delivered in India

These teachers go beyond the convention to become the role models and facilitators of students. To further hone their skill sets and knowledge, the group provides them various training programs and practice sessions throughout the year that enable them to stay abreast of the latest trends and methods in education.

Vasa asserts, “Our methods have been very strong, effective and innovative; we provide comprehensive data-enabled analytical reports to teachers along with a customized strategy for each level of student”.

This quote reminds me that educators ought to impart the art of educating the heart into the art of educating the mind”. Hence, while Samsidh Group teaches Maths for mind, it also teaches meditation for life, English for communication and GRIT for perseverance, and simultaneously, makes children learn the true essence of education in helping the world become a better place. For the road ahead, Vasa has charted a roadmap to prepare every child a true Samsidhian and a global leader who is creative, compassionate, humble and happy.

Siliconindia | 32 | September 2020