Why Sports Education is As Important As Academics

Sports are a great way to develop physical and mental strength in students. Students need daily physical exercise to keep them healthy and to improve their emotional fitness which helps in the improvement of their self-esteem, confidence, and mental alertness. It also teaches them necessary social skills like teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship etc.

Integration of sports education into the school curriculum has repeatedly proven these benefits. Here we shall discuss why enrolling your child at schools with the best sports is essential to your child’s overall growth.


Learning a sport and practising it requires a lot of discipline. The ability to take account of one’s actions and keeping it within limits is what is required to excel in any sport. Without proper discipline, there is no success in sports, while being disciplined has a ripple effect throughout one’s life. This discipline will be visible in one’s performance in academics too.

Learning to Work In Teams

While academic competition pitches students against one other for success, sports education teaches how to work together for everyone’s success. This also helps them learn skills like evaluating losses and gains and looking at the bigger picture. This is one of the most important skills students need as they move into adulthood.

Time management

In every sport, every second matters. It is all about timing and time management. When one excels in sports, one learns the skill of time management. It is one of the most valuable skills one needs in life, especially in academics. From writing exams to learning on one’s own, the students must have a proper hold of how they spend their time to excel academically.

Leadership Skills

Being part of a sports team means taking charge of the team or a duty assigned. It is a great platform to groom their social skills, especially leadership skills. Teamwork helps build a more empathetic approach towards peers, which is the hallmark of a leader


The most significant advantage of engaging actively in sports is that students develop a sense of sportsmanship. This means showing fairness, respect and generosity towards the opposing team in sports. This reflects in the student’s character and other walks of their life. They learn to respect, understand and develop a sense of justice in academic life.

Psychological Benefits

School-going children, especially teenagers, go through many physical changes in their school years. It is also a time of body-image issues and mental health issues. Being physically active helps students improve their mental health, promotes their mood, and increases self-esteem. It also improves their mental alertness, which directly affects their academics.

Summing Up

The significant physical, psychological and emotional benefits of regular physical activity from learning sports are too evident and beneficial to ignore anymore. . A student’s overall improvement in the self from learning sports is directly reflected in their academics.

For those who worry that it would be a distraction, be rest assured that it is not. Schools have realised this and rightly inculcated it into the curriculum as well. The schools with the best sports are often in high demand, and you can see many such CBSE Schools near Sarjapur road.

Samsidh Group of Schools has efficiently integrated sports as an essential part of their curriculum. We have a holistic approach to grooming students and instilling in them leadership skills by developing curiosity, creativity, interdisciplinary thinking, empathy and gratitude. No wonder, hundreds of parents trust Samsidh schools as an excellent place for providing their children a comprehensive learning and development.

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