Samsidh School – HSR

The Samsidh Changemaker’s club is a program to hone the leadership skills in our children. Students have been actively involved in various activities conducted by various clubs.

To celebrate international yoga day, the social structure and wellness club associated together to share the importance of yoga in achieving wellness, fitness, and stress-free life.

Wellness of a society is largely dependent on how each family takes care of their wellness . Keeping this as a motto, the students of our changemaker club were given a task to do yoga every day and involve their family members also to do so. Not only students but their parents also took part with great enthusiasm.

Adding to this, a yoga camp was conducted by our school during summer holidays and many parents actively took part in it.

During this activity, we came to know that some of the parents have been practicing yoga for the last many years. So, our students interviewed them to have a deeper insight into yoga.

This presentation highlights the efforts put in by the students and their parents to share the importance of yoga in our life.