Role Of Parents In The Digital Transformation Of Schools

With the raging pandemic, children have been away from their normal school environment for over 16 months now. Digital platforms have overtaken how children study, away from the normalcy of childhood, learning virtually, devoid of the physicality of school education and the easy banter with friends. Schools have stepped up to fill the void and resorted to technological solutions so that students do not miss out on their important learning years. 

Although technology had been used in specific forms like Smart Classes, online repositories of past question papers, etc., for a good many years in schools now, COVID has pushed digital transformation to the forefront, making it a necessity in the new normal. 

Educators and parents are a team 

Even though remote learning through smartphones is not a feasible option for a vast majority of students in India, yet educators are trying their best to reach as many students as possible. The role of parents in this effort and for the smooth continuation of online learning, while keeping the children safe from the sinkholes of the digital world is undeniable. Classroom learning cannot be replaced by virtual teaching, but, to make the best of the current situation, schools and parents are teaming up to prevent learning loss or disruption in educational opportunities.  

Digital literacy

Online presence through social media, finding answers to various queries on the internet, buying or selling through e-commerce platforms, etc. is commonplace these days. 

However, what most of us do not pay attention to is our digital footprint, or know how to keep our children safe from the fallacies of the internet. For parents to educate their children about digital citizenship and security, it is important that first, they understand the concepts well enough. One cannot deny that digital literacy today is a crucial element of good parenting.

Academic assistance

In the absence of physical schools and classroom supervision by the teachers, the onus now lies on the parents to supervise the children with their academics. Teachers at Samsidh are well-trained to support the students virtually through various teaching aids. 

However, if not for the students of senior classes, younger children, do require some hand-holding in completing their tasks. And who better than the parents to complete the role of the teacher at home?

Digital mentoring and monitoring 

Educating the children of the loopholes of the digital scene, keeping them effectively engaged beyond their online classes is as essential as assisting them academically. As digitally aware parents, you can guide older children about privacy and security issues on online platforms. For younger children, more active monitoring of their digital footprint is essential while they complete their academic tasks online.

Keep a check on digital affliction and exposure

Confined to homes, children today are more and more exposed to the digital world. Parents find it difficult to keep children from the digital lure and engaging them effectively in different developmental activities. However, this is a task that takes a prime spot in the present circumstances, to keep a check on our children’s digital exposure and maintain a balance between screen and physical playtime. 

We at Samsidh, encourage our students to inculcate healthy habits like no screen during meal-time, regular fitness activities, etc. As parents, you can enforce these habits at home by setting an example.

Overall, the digital transformation of schools that have been forced upon us by the pandemic needs active support from the parents for its smooth functioning. Being responsive to the school’s engagement initiatives, upholding the fundamental principles of the school will not only bring out the best in your child but also help educators fill the learning gap effectively.