Dear Teachers,

Heartiest wishes on Teachers Day !! I would like to extend my thanks for your Dedication and Commitment to Samsidh Schools and ldeology.

“You are Pillars of Samsidh”

You are a very important partner to the growth and expansion of Samsidh, which has now reached 15 schools, and 10,000 + students. We are not only growing but our commitment to values, compassion, humility and passion has translated into keeping our Samsidh Family together. Today, our band of 10+ and 5+ years of service by teachers is growing and we would like to gauge our success with these parameters. More initiatives are lined up, which will help us to spread Samsidh Unique and meaningful initiatives.

It is very close to my heart that each one of you focuses on Personal Development. If you can define your purpose in Life, Life becomes more meaningful. Each morning when you wake up, you have a purpose to fulfil which makes the day more meaningful and satisfying. Life becomes more exciting. for we driven by passion and not routine.

While developing Learning Management System (LMS). which was also guided by the thought that in most Institutions teachers’ productive hours and efforts are lost while preparing Lesson plans. assessments and teaching aids etc. With the introduction of LMS, all of this is available to you at the click of a finger. This helps you to have extra productive time, this time you can utilize to analyse and understand students learning needs, especially of Ember and Kindle students. Give time and space to Gifted children to follow their creativity and passion. If we utilize the time saved for the Enrichment of these students you would be doing great service by shaping the lives of children who require need based attention. I hope this Teachers Day we are able to promote need based learning, for better Career and Skill development for they too, when driven by their abilities and passion will be happy throughout their lives and will remember you as the ‘special teacher in their lives’.

I take this Opportunity to Thank each one of your family members who support you and back you to perform your noble service. Thank you for all your sincere efforts.

Thanking you.

Vasa Srinivasa Rao (Chairman)