To be the Leaders of 21st Century, children of today require the skills of Curiosity, Creativity, Initiative, Inter-disciplinary thinking, Empathy and Gratitude.

Samsidh Reading program aims at the  language enhancement of each student at his/her pace and style of learning.  This program supports every child to move up from his/her initial level to the grade appropriate and then to the above grade level. It is a proven fact that the children between three and nine years of age are like sponges and have the ability to assimilate any given knowledge easily. The listening and speaking skills of children are taken care in the Pre-Primary, the reading skills are honed in Grades I to IV and the Writing skills are embellished in Grades V to VIII. This program has been in force for the last six years and we have seen that after three years into this programme, 98% of the students are at the Grade level as per the International Standards.

Registrations Open for 2024 -25