The Future of the World is in my classroom today’ This is the thought of a teacher.

It is a privilege to be part of the teaching fraternity and in the company of energetic students.

We, at the Samsidh Group of schools believe that every child has a potential to excel and the ability to lead. There is a consistent effort at every level to identify the strengths of children and enable them to channelize those strengths in the right direction. Value based education is our strength and that leads to the Holistic Development of our students. Our staff and students respect and exhibit the values of Compassion, Humility and Kindness .

‘Happy teachers make Happy students’ is our belief. Teachers at our school create a conducive atmosphere for our students to assimilate learning in a way that they understand. They are the driving force behind our Value Based Learning programme.

It is always reassuring when we are recognized for our efforts.

During the previous academic session 2017-18, we received the International School Award and ‘Accredited for Outstanding Development of International Dimension in Curriculum’ from the British Council.

The school was also awarded by the Education Today group as’ Best CBSE school, Parameter wise ‘.

These accolades motivate us to constantly improvise, innovate and introduce our students to the ever-changing world. In this pursuit of excellence the Parent Community of our school have been extremely supportive and encouraging.

As we gear up every year for transforming the lives of the children, I remember these words,

“The Best way to Predict the future is to Create it “- Abraham Lincoln

–  Ms. Ruchi Shrivastava

Principal, Samsidhi School, Vidyaranyapura