“Education is the kindling of a flame, not filling of a vessel”

– Socrates

he purpose of education is to detect talent proactively. For this, it is essential that education has to be based on application and intelligence, instead of memory test of the knowledge which is widely prevalent. The primary purpose of imparting education to children at school, is to guide them to identify their specific talent.
I truly believe that each child is borne with infinite potential. We see children as seeds to be nurtured. The teachers are gardeners who try to bring out the potential already present in the child. This is contrary to the prevalent view, of seeing children as clay, to be moulded by teachers and parents, being the potters and deciding, what shape the clay should take.

Imagination and thinking leads to discovery, and this belief of mind, I find firmly being echoed in Samsidh Schools. Here to instill these virtues in our students, we have made specific changes in our curriculum so that this talent gets honed in them. As an institution we know, 21st century is likely to be stressful, so to cater to this need of coming generation, meditation and yoga is made an integral part of our curriculum.

People keep talking about having good values in life but at Samisidh MLZS, we have included values as a part of curriculum, included in each subject. Children are learning this concept of values as an integral part of their life and it is going to make them citizens with compassion strong character. Our curriculum is also tuned to teach, group dynamics and team work, to our students.

I’m truly blessed to be here and be a part of the revolution that Samsidh is creating.

– Ms. Rekha Sinha
Principal, SAMSIDH MLZS, Horamavu.