Academic excellence combined with ethical values is the vision of Samsidh and thus we prepare children for life. Making students as Global citizens is our prime responsibility and that can be done better with the help of technology. The core values of Compassion, Humility and Happiness are the driving force behind every activity we do. This vision of our Chairman Sri. Vasa Srinivasa Rao has fructified as Samsidh Schools. At Narasapuram we work in fueling the talents of the students to achieve their dreams. This we implement through activity based methodology, the mindful practices, daily acts of kindness etc.

It is our prime responsibility to enlighten the children with the new methodologies in curriculum through a transformational mode of teaching style the using the tools of Samsidh –the Learning Management system, the Enrichment Program, the Character Development Program. This helps the students excel in all fields. Samsidh not only provides the best curriculum but also gives training in all types of sports , CCA activities, Club activities and Neural based games which help the students develop physical, mental and cognitive wellbeing. Not just the students, the facilitators are also taken good care through the Character Development program.

Creating future Leaders for the nation is the Vision of Samsidh, and it is my proud privilege to be a part of this Vision and in creating all round development in every student. My heartfelt thanks to our chairman sir for his unique and farsighted vision.