‘Education is improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world a better place than you found it’. I am extremely happy to be a part of Samsidh’s mission in serving the community by creating the 21st Century Leaders. School education lays the foundation for the future of students and ensures a stable, successful and satisfied life. 

We, at Samsidh strive to provide a platform to equip our learners with 21st century skills. The focus is given to learning with understanding. Education has acquired a completely new definition and dimension. The methodology mainly focuses on imparting knowledge through values and skills which encourage the learners to develop and uphold the values for life. 

Every human being is gifted with a unique potential. Our trained facilitators help the learners to bring out their innate potential through various activities in the classroom. Every child is taught the way he or she learns. Our methodology is designed in such a way that it kindles the creativity , curiosity and critical thinking in every child.

One of the greatest strengths of our schools is that we provide differentiated learning strategies to cater to the various needs of our learners through enrichment classes.  These classes not only bridge the gap but also give every child a platform to hone his or her talents. Our distinctive academic activities and innovative teaching methodologies with values encourage the learners to develop and uphold the values for life. 

At Samsidh we strive to provide an environment that is child friendly and which has the framework of values integrated to life.

Ms. Joice Lobo

Electronic City