Samsidh Enrichment Programme

To be the Leaders of 21st Century, children of today require the skills of Curiosity, Creativity, Initiative, Inter-disciplinary thinking, Empathy and Gratitude.

The Schools  also follow Samsidh Enrichment programme which aims at making children understand the concepts of Math and Science, rather than merely rote learn. Gray Matters, an analytics company in collaboration with Australian Council for Education Research [ACER] conducted an assessment of our students and awarded our School the ‘Gold School’ award for two consecutive years. No special prepping for the exam was done.

The skill that the children need to acquire is the skill of learnability, the ability of ‘how’ to read and comprehend any text – both familiar and unfamiliar, rather than learn ‘what’. We are able to help children achieve this excellence due to the special programmes tailormade to suit the children viz., Samsidh Reading Programme, Samsidh Enrichment programme and Samsidh Character Development Programme.

Registrations Open for 2024 -25