Dear Students, Parents and Well-wishers, Greetings!

I am delighted to welcome you all to this new academic year 2023-24. I am very happy to assume office as the Principal of Samsidh International School from April 2023. Though I am well acquainted with Andhra Pradesh and the role as Principal, the present responsibility at Samsidh International School demands more from me. I will do my best with your constant support and prayers. I hope and pray that this year would be a wonderful year and usher good health, peace and joy for all of us.

We at Samsidh International School, have endeavoured to provide quality education to our students using creative methods through ICT teaching-learning pedagogy to extend the frontiers of knowledge and ignite their minds, especially during the pandemic. We humbly acknowledge our service and contribution to the nation and humanity over the last 13 years, making significant strides as one of the premier institutions across India. Our holistic education program aims at instilling the core values of Compassion, Happiness & Humility. We always believe that the very act of assuring quality is to be embedded in the thought process because quality assurance is not a product but an ongoing process – a culture and a way of life wherein all segments of the institution are actively involved. Therefore, in our aim to provide quality education, we constantly explore the possibilities of enhancing the quality of curriculum, pedagogy, evaluation and performance in all our programmes.

Since we focus on shaping the young minds into citizens with personal integrity and social responsibility, we encourage the students to discover meaningful learning beyond the confines of classrooms through regular co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Thus we give strong foundation to young minds in forming their character, shaping their personalities and creating right perspectives at their young age. All stakeholders appreciate the integral formation that Samsidh International School provides to the students, leaving no one behind.

Our committed teachers spend their quality time to form them into good responsible citizens and future leaders of the nation. Living up to the vision of Samsidh International School – To prepare 21st century Ethical, Happy and Creative Leaders. With rich heritage and tradition, dedicated management, committed staff and the best infrastructure, Samsidh International School continues to live up to its reputation focusing on shaping the young minds of our students, so that they are well-equipped agents of change, who can transform the lives of many with courage and compassion.

I wish you all the very best.
Suresh Metla.
Samsidh International School,

Our Vision