Children must be taught how to think, not what to think….

Children are the blooming buds of a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow. Samsidh’s vision itself says “Preparing Children for Life”. So, we at Samsidh, are continuously working in this direction by providing value-based education and laying the platform for character development.
Samsidh School – is a place of continuous learning which influences all-round development of students in every possible way. We explore the possibilities in every child, hone his/her skills helping to reach ones goals.
The core values of Samidh : Compassion, Humility and Happiness are being inculcated in our students to understand the concepts for life and make them as the change-makers of the 21st Century.

The Learning Management System – not only provides a platform for the students to understand the concepts and do their best in academics but also for the teachers to analyze the students’ performance through the quizzes that are available.

Anantapura School Principle

The motto of Samsidh is to shift a child from rote learning to learning for understanding. To help the students improve and hone their understanding the concepts, we have come up with the best platforms for the students such as English Enrichment Program. It not only makes them comprehend better but also make them confident speakers.

The Character Development Program brings in the students the equanimity to accept the failures as a part of life, to overcome the obstacles that come in their path by being gritty, to learn Compassion and Humility as their skills and Happiness as Science.
The Change-maker club activities at Samsidh bring a lot of behavior changes in the young minds and help them become more responsible towards the society as they are the change-makers of the 21st Century.
“The best teachers are those who show the students where to look, but don’t tell them what to see.”
Our teachers at Samsidh are trained in such a way that they guide and nurture the students to understand the world around them and develop an open mindedness to the knowledge of one’s own and the others which keeps everyone away from ignorance and fulfills the Samsidh’s Vision…. Preparing Children for Life.