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Parent connect at Samsidh is a key focus and hence we have developed ‘Samsidh Connect’ App for parents to keep up with everyday updates. You can download the app from the play store or visit to login and view your child’s profile.


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Parents Testimonials

“We both thank you for the important role that all the teachers play to shape Joshita in the class and personal life.

Please know that we recognize your positive influence and moral guidance, and we value the example you impart to our child.

Thank you!”

Vineet & Lajpat Kurdiya

“Samsidh Group of schools is one of the best schools in the country pioneering the idea of quality education with inculcation of Values and Life Skills. It is an amalgamation of modern education with the narrative of creating 21st Century Ethical, Happy and Creative Leaders.”

Prem Kiran

“Good management, trained teachers, reponsing our real concerns, inclusive growth on our children...
Simply says ...MLZS -south bangalore is better for our children' growth....👍👍👍”

Zoe Neil

“A great place to work! Enthusiasm, care, motivation, criticism at the perfect balance. A place which gives opportunity to learn and excel !”

Pinki Mehta

“I keep visiting so many schools as its a part of my profession. Samsidh is the only group of Institution that facilitates Learning along with tradition, culture and values to the Children. Visit any school from this group and I guarantee you that you will find a difference only in the way the bricks are arranged but not in the quality of Education provided through their highly trained professional Faculty. Kudos to the Leaders.”

Ravikumar Perumal

“Great school and teachers! Emphasize on activity-based learning approach. Inculcating values, identifying uniqueness and making every child confident. Grateful and a happy parent.”

Beenu Singh

“I recommend samsidh group because of their values. I could really see the values they teach and my child put that in her action.”

Swetha Gopal

“Great school with a very economical fees high standard teaching staff responsible management.... Very difficult to find a school with all these combinations all together in Bangalore.”

Deepak Pai

“This is one of the best school, the way how they handle the curriculum and activities awesome.”

Brijesh Kumar Gupta

“Really appreciable efforts especially in the Enhancement of speaking skill”

Jyoti Bharti

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