The birth of Samsidh Group is due to a vision – a vision of creating 21st Century Leaders, a vision of empowering all people to achieve their true potential, and a vision of helping the youngsters grow into humane and ethical adults.  All of us who serve in this organization has taken this vision as our own and are steering it forward so that success becomes Samsidh’s tour de force.

What are the skills required for 21st Century?

Knowledge?  – that is easily available with a touch of a keypad.

Technical/Subject matter? –  the concept and content matter is easily and widely available.

The skills/jobs which are predominant today will be taken over by AI very soon.  So what is it that we humans need to be proficient to enter the 21st Century?  What is required for the future?

They are actually the non-tangible skills of COMPASSION, HUMILITY AND HAPPINESS.  The world is changing and the pace at which it is changing is phenomenal.  Whatever is contemporary today becomes obsolete tomorrow. Whatever is human-driven today will be handled by machines tomorrow. Human beings are not factory models to be identical. Each individual is distinctive and has one’s own style of learning.  So using one method for all, will not help.  We have a streamlined Enrichment Curriculum in the subjects which aims at helping the students move one level up, whatever be the level.

Therefore the children of today who are going to be 21st century adults have to know ‘HOW TO LEARN’ rather than ‘WHAT TO LEARN’.  To do this, they require the skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and these skills they will acquire if they have the values of ‘COMPASSION, HUMILITY, EMPATHY combined with a sense of ‘HAPPINESS AND CONTENTMENT’.  These values will help the 21st century adults to ideate and innovate rather than imitate.

At Samsidh, we strive to make each student feel that he/she is a winner and that a winner isn’t the one who scores a centum.  Every activity of the student is analysed and we help him/her hone that uniqueness.   The choice of profession is no longer limited to only two.  The wide world outside has a variety of options and we help the children choose wisely and judiciously.  The children are given exposure to the real world through various activities, competitions, and projects which help them identify their inner potential.  We believe in helping the children become independent, pro-active, and capable through these challenging activities.

Samsidh Group believes in not merely creating 21st Century leaders, but leaders with conscience, values, ethics, and empathy.

 – Ms.Veni. R

Head of Education
Samsidh Group of MLZS