Some kids are smarter than you, some kids have cooler clothes than you, some kids are better at sports than you. It doesn’t matter! You have your thing too. Be the kid who can get along. Be the kid who is generous. Be the kid who is happy for other people. Be the kid who does the right thing. Be the nice kid.

Byran Skavnak

In the present era of the digitalized world, it is a significant challenge for educators and parents, to nurture the young minds with the indelible impressions of a holistic education.

A strong requirement of today is to simultaneously weave a firm moral fibre in the students’ personality. The key to this goal is to pursue a value based education process. Values should not be treated as ideal concepts but as ‘empowering tools’ which are helpful in meeting the challenges of the world.

With the clear vision of the Chairman, we at Samsidh MLZS, have developed a progressive curriculum that integrates the usage of technology as well as the amalgamation of values in every lesson maps the academic excellence with good human value system enabling our “teaching- learning” process to be ahead of our times.

The Enrichment Curriculum of English, Maths and Science aims at not just bridging the educational gaps but also gives every student a platform to hone his/ her talent. There is a conscious effort to bridge the learning gap and discard the “ one size fits all” system.

Teachers at school and parents at home are equal stake holders in holistic education and we both need to be partners in this learning process of your child. Our endeavour is to teach each one of our students to redefine success – not by the absence of failures in life – but by overcoming them.

I welcome you to a partnership which aims at moulding our children into national citizens with a global vision. Let us pave the way to the commencement of the new academic session with great fervour and supposition for achieving towering standards in the field of academics and other essential skills.

 – Ms. Sangeetha R. Shenoy

HSR Extension Branch.

angeetha Shenoy