“Together one mind, one heart, one soul, one small step at a time, we can make some difference towards a better world, a brighter tomorrow.”

SMLSS School has carved a niche in Jammu. Our academic results both in the CBSE examinations and other competitive examinations have been excellent and the students are constantly bettering previous performances.  However, I feel ‘academic brilliance’ alone is not the only stepping stone to a happy and successful life. The need of the hour as I perceive-is to inculcate in our children a sound value system. Values which will never go ‘out of date’. Tolerance, respect, caring, acceptance, helping others especially those who are not as fortunate, being empathetic and compassionate, to mention but a few, are what will stand them in good stead as they charter their way through life.

I believe each child is unique and has tremendous potential to learn – it is upto us as adults both at home and at school to ensure that he learns to grow into a sensitive, caring-global citizen in perfect emotional and physical health.

As parents we can guide our children to achieve – ‘Nothing but Excellence’ by ensuring that :

  • They are punctual and regular not only in attending school but also completing assignments.
  • Read daily – to develop a love for reading and bettering literary skills for communicating effectively.
  • Care for the environment – at home, in the neighbour hood and at school.
  • Confide their thoughts and feelings to you.
  • Respect and obey their elders, are friendly with their peers and are caring and protective of their juniors.
I would like all my children to soar ahead positively in life, secure in the belief that, ‘Nothing is Impossible’ – the word ‘impossible’ itself suggests – ‘I’ m possible.’


SMLSS School,