A Child is the successor of Civilization and carries the culture for future. Childhood is the base for the future dreams and ambitions of life. We strongly believe that imagination is the first step of innovation. A child needs freedom to think and express freely all the time. A place where there is no fear is the heaven for children and our School is that heaven.
We stretch our hands to support them not to fall , our heart to make them feel loved and safe and motivate them towards the joy of learning. We don’t design or decide their lives in the way we want to, but we train them to dream high , do more, aim and achieve in the best possible manner. Our school aims to nurture these unique individuals right from the budding stage and gift to the future world, the responsible citizens. Our Students are made aware of the trends of the world and we help them in their aspiration to win the world and make a mark forever.

The Teacher is not merely made for delivering content knowledge to the next generations, but is made for equipping the children face the current world and the future with courage and equanimity by generating higher order thinking skills in them. We transform the young minds from selfishness to sacrifice, innocence to wisdom, complaint to empathy and hesitation to courage and confidence . We help our children understand that winning and losing are two sides of the same coin and both success and failure teach and help in progress. It is our fortune that our teachers are good at heart, great at kindness and have the best of minds in training children not only face the competitive world and succeed but also develop the emotional Intelligence to sustain the success.

Samsidh takes the responsibility of raising the children along with the parents. Our School’s objective and work culture is reflected in the unique design of our curriculum and helps in shaping up the personal and professional life of the children. Our character development programme nurtures the physical and psychological well being all the Samsidhians as we strongly believe that self development leads to peace and a peaceful mind leads to a great success and progress. Our focus is mainly on educating the child rather than teaching the subject and help facilitate the children to showcase their abilities and talents and make them self – explorative and pro-active to the time.

Our eternal gratitude to the Parent community for the trust reposed in us and in return we gift the children a Memorable Happy Schooling!