Kurnool Principal

Great personalities are shaped with great experiences. A Complete role personality has to have a balance of physical, emotional, social and spiritual power. The new generation of children are reflective thinkers, knowledgeable communicators, open minded risk takers and intrepid go-getters guided by the knowledge and values we impart at samsidh international school Kurnool while keeping the potential of the child in mind and nurture them to hone their individual strengths.
The school has a robust analysis system through which we monitor and analyse the academic performance of each and every child and provide additional help through the focussed group sessions in consent with parents. We focus on the holistic development of the child through academics, sports special, Art and craft, co curricular Activities, Value education and life skills.
Here at Samsidh we believe that every child is unique and we see that the each child is made to feel important and wanted. Thus we make sure that each and every child does not feel left behind but participates in various intra and inter school events.

The future is going to be technology driven. Therefore we provide technology integrated education and prepare the children for competitive exams by providing students special focus on English reading, writing ,speaking and listening skills.
At Samsidh we have various club activities like the Green Economy Club, the Reading Club Social Structure Club, the Technology Club, the Wellness Club. The children are the members of these clubs and they become Change makers and bring a positive change in the society.
Thus at Samsidh we prepare children for life by making them ethical and compassionate leaders who know how to lead a quality life.