Chairman’s Message


To be the Leaders of 21st Century, children of today require the skills of Learnability, Curiosity, Creativity, Initiative, Inter-disciplinary thinking, Empathy and Gratitude.

How will the world be in 21st Century? 

We at Samsidh are cognizant of the fact that we need to equip our children with these skills together with ethical values that will help them shine bright as 21st Century leaders. All these are taught as a way of life in our schools and we are reassured of the fact that our children will be future leaders. The skill that the children need to acquire is the skill of learnability, the ability of ‘how’ to read and comprehend rather than learn ‘what’ to read and comprehend.  We equip them with these skills in order that they achieve academic excellence.

But have we ever thought that the 21st Century could also be 

  •  More disconnected in human relationships
  • More illness – physical and mental
  • More eroded in human values
  • More fearful of failure????

Why could it be so? 

While we are progressing rapidly  materialistically, we are regressing  rapidly psychologically. We are unfortunately equating happiness to achievement.  There is an urgent need for us to make a paradigm shift that achievement is the result of happiness, the ability to take risks, to take the fear of failure by horns.  The future of our world is in these delicate and unsullied hands and it is our primordial duty to help them remain that way so that the adult world also is a wonderful place for them to live.


We wish the children to be successful, not at the cost of stepping over someone to achieve that but to go along and grow along together.  Therefore at Samsidh, we have committed ourselves to nurture these values in our children not through ‘preach and comply’ way but by making it a way of life.

And this is what we teach all our children here at Samsidh.   We teach them that achievement is the result of Happiness and values and not vice versa.  When one is happy, compassionate and humble, one automatically becomes creative with an ability to think out of box and success and achievement automatically comes knocking at one’s doors. The children are taught to look at the failure as a stepping stone to success, to applaud everyone’s achievements, to veer off the beaten track and take risk as these are the skills required for a 21st Century Leader.  

At Samsidh, we firmly believe that 21st century will truly be a great century only if it is filled with every human being who is humane, humble, compassionate and creative and it is our endeavor every moment to create those kind of leaders.

– Vasa Srinivasa Rao.

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